Cam Chain Tensioner - 99 WR400

Is this a high wear item on these bikes and do they have to be changed out often? What are the symptoms of a weakening tensioner? The topend of these bikes make so much noise I don't know what to attribute to "normal noise and what to excessive/loud noise. Has anyone actually changed their tensioner out and noticed an appreciable reduction in topend noise? A new one is $50 and I don't want to make an unnecessary purchase. Any help/personal experience would be appreciated. Thanks.

You will have to remove the valve cover to see if your chain is

loose or not, if it is you will probably need to replace the rubber chain

guide that the tensioner pushes against, also while your there

through in a 03 YZF450 exhaust cam and you can through away

that little leaver you need to pull to kick it over,the cam mod

works great.

Jerry, please tell me more about the 03 yz exhaust cam...

I can lose the comp. release? How does this improve overall hp?longer duration? lift? g :cry:

Theres a lot of threads on here about it or you can send me your

number and I will call ya.

I did it to my 01 WR426 and it works great,noticed that it has a lot

more grunt of the start through mid range and with no power loss

at all on top, even seems to run better.

Heres the site

check it out.

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