Cam Chain Tensioner - 99 WR400

Is this a high wear item on these bikes and do they have to be changed out often? What are the symptoms of a weakening tensioner? The topend of these bikes make so much noise I don't know what to attribute to "normal noise and what to excessive/loud noise. Has anyone actually changed their tensioner out and noticed an appreciable reduction in topend noise? A new one is $50 and I don't want to make an unnecessary purchase. Any help/personal experience would be appreciated. Thanks.

I would recommend changing it. If the tensionor goes and the cam jumps time, you will be spending $$$$$$$ to rebuild/replace the head. $50 is cheap.

I would pull the top end apart and change the piston and rings,new rist pin and clips. Also get your crank checked out for end play. I'm sure your hearing lot of piston to wall noise when the bike is running. At that time get your vavles re-cut because I'm sure they are do. I don't know how much you change your oil but I had a 99 awhile back with alot of time on it, the cam and cam chain was perfect on it. Your vavles and piston are big wear items on this bike. I change my piston and rings plus get the vavles cut after every race season 4-5 months. People don't understand these 4-strokes wear.

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