What oil-05 YZ450??

Got a new 05 YZ450 and was just wondering what kind of oil you guys are using, I've used Yamaha 4 in the past, hear lots of good things about Mobil 1 oils though, thanks!!

mobil 1 red cap

You really should do a search before you ask something like that. But since you asked I ran Yamalube 4-R for a year then went to Mobile 1 full synthetic 15w-50 red cap!!!

Mobil one red cap in my 426 with no engine problems and I have been on the same clutch since 02.

Yamalube 20/40 and in the cold weather I use the 10/30. My bike has been taken right apart lots and running that oil seems to keep everything looking minty! I found with the other oils there is to much clutch problems.

Amsoil full synthetic, 15w-40 or 10w-40. Anyone recently have any clutch issues with Mobil 1 red cap? I've heard they recently changed their formula and it now contains Molly. :cry:

The most import thing when choosing an oil, is to make sure it is not "Energy Conserving" and even better if it is JASO MA (wet clutch approved).

Any name brand oil that meets the specs in the manual should be fine.

Let's not make this a Mobil 1 Red Crap convention. :cry:

I use mobil1 15w-50w and have had good luck with it. Don't use the other weights for they will cause your clutch to slip, they have friction modifyers, so I'm told.

mobil 1 red cap


Let's not make this a Mobil 1 Red Crap convention. :cry:



i use motul my self i like the way it protects the motor i even use it in my truck.

Oh boy, an oil thread :cry::cry: :cry:

Use a (?)w-40 graded API SG or SH or C (commercial) grade, and/or JASO MA. Examples would be Golden Spectro 4 and Shell Rotella, but there are several good ones. Go to 50 if you expect really hot weather. (see the manual)

Avoid "energy saving", "friction-modified", or JASO MB grades (too slippery for the clutch, mostly) and API SL grades (inferior wear protection and viscosity break down resistance).

In the end, changing often and cleaning or replacing the filter every time is a lot more important that what kind you use. Buy a Scotts SS filter so you won't have an excuse not to clean it.


I agree with sirthumpalot. I run valvoline 4 stroke motorcycle oil and it meets and exceeds manufacture spec.s. I've had no problems with clutches or engine. I ride very a lot and change the oil about every 2 to 3 rides. :cry:

Thanks guys, sounds like the winner is Mobil 1 red cap!!

Bel Ray Thumper Racing Oil Simi Syn

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