2006 Yz450

Looks suspiciously like the 2-stroke plastics and the pipe going into the muffler looks like the pipe and input to the 2-stroke silencer

wow....looks like the frame is a different color. (as well as alum)

where is that pic from?

Wow! I sure am glad no one would photoshop something to get us to believe the new YZ will come with an aluminum frame!

Hey.......nice job on the photoshop! :cry:

Looks Like A 2 Stroke Tank And The Kick Started Wont Work

Some One Is Foolin With You Lucy

I cannot tell a lie, I am NOT the photoshop king by any means. This is not my work err I mean my picture of the new 2006 YZ450:)

o well good try bud :cry:

cant wait for the real pic tho :cry:

Sweet pic, nice photoshop. I cant wait to see the '06 YZ450F. Hopefully It'll have the aluminum frame.

The exhaust pipe gives it away as well as the plastic but nice away - :cry:

Pretty sweet I would be happy with that set up! Its amazing what computers can do.

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