02 XR650R NO Spark??

I picked up a 02 XR650R from a friend for repair because it would,nt start, (even when towed!!). I've not had to much time to work on it but with a quick checkover the bike has no spark, while I've heard of stator failures on earlier XRs this bike has less than 500 miles on the clock. What I'm suspisious of is the D/S conversion kit on this bike, it's called the legalizer made by dangerous toys inc., I've never heard of this company and I'm wondering if there are problems with this conversion kit that may cause failures in the ignition system???. I won't spend any real time working on the bike till Saturday but any info would be helpfull. :cry:. I talked this guy into getting into the D/S thing & I'd hate to see the repair of this bike get into big dollars. :cry:

I had some spark issues a few weeks back, took it in to the shop, they diagnosed the stator as the problem, got a new one, not the problem, had to get a new cdi bought it at service Honda (btw best prices anywhere). (89.00)Problem solved.Prior to taking these drastic measures be sure to check and disconnect your kill switch completely to elimintate this as a problem. I looked at all the wiring and rechecked everything before buying the stator and CDI :cry: . The stator I had in there is a BD rewind i will send it back to them and see if it is good or bad.If it is still good, the shop i took it to will be getting a bill from me for the new 200 watt stator.Good luck.

Thanks for the info, I'm well aware of the basics of electrical problems. :cry:

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