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trailbikes manual clutch kit

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I got my hondatrailbikes clutch kit in today and started to do the install. I have had a few problems with the install, so i wanna see if anyone else had the same problems. The first thing i noticed is the clutch cable is too short for any standard clutch perches. I am a mechanic at a dealer, and there are no perches that i could find to work. Even though the cable has an adjuster on it, there is not enough slack for it to work with a standard clutch perch. I was able to get a yamaha streetbike cable and clutch perch to work for the time being, but the clutch pull seems tough, it feels more like the front brake on my 70 than a clutch. The clutch basket in my kit was slightly dissasembled, so im not sure of whether or not i assmebled it correctly. I am pretty sure i have figured out all of the assembly , but some sort of manual would have been a huge help. The parts seem to be very high quality for how much i payed for the kit, i dont know why some sort of directions arent included. Im a honda mechanic and i feel like an idiot now! Any tips or suggestions?

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