Aggressive Offroad XR650L

i am in search of a 80/20 Street/Offroad use bike...HOWEVER, i'd rather the bike be designed and look more like it was 80/20 Offroad/Street. I will be using the bike for commuting and general mischief...Freeway speeds must be attainable...would the XRL be good for me? i will probably go for a whole diff look that stock..i want something that looks like its in Mad Max movies..any websites dedicated strictly to the XR650L and mods for it? Any websites with journals and pics of LONG distance rides on across Australia or Europe?

i have searched and lurked for a while..but cant find what im lookin for..can anyone point me in the right direction?

The XRL is the hands-down All-Terrain Assault Vehicle, and it will go ANYWHERE.

Do not expect it to do so as fast as a pure dirt-bike, though, because its heavy.

This us a good site for the XRL, as is the forum on, as is the yahoo XRLUG group.

If the state you're in allows it, you can consider streeting an XR650R or XR400R. If CT allowed it, I'd streetify a CR500 just because it'd be so freakin' wrong!

The XRL will pull 100mph with a few cheap mods, and there are tires that will let you do some decent streetin' and still go offroad. The more serious the offroading, the worse the tires are on the street. There are full knobbies that are DOT approved on the dirt end of the spectrum, and there are street tires with some extra grooves on the other.


Dude, it's funny you should mention streeting a CR500. I have a friend here in Texas who has a street legal KX500. I have a KX500 also and am considering making it street legal too. . It's just soooo wrong, but sooo sweet! hahaha.


'00XR650R/uncorked/jetted/street legal

'04KX500/fmfgnarly/vforce reeds/illegal so far.

..any websites dedicated strictly to the XR650L and mods for it? i have searched and lurked for a while..but cant find what im lookin for..can anyone point me in the right direction?

This is an older site (but so is the XRL :cry:) that I found very useful for modding a BFP (Big Fat Pig) street machine into more of an off-road bike. Except for the tires, tank & 98 plastic (I'm using the Clarke 4.0, Dunlop D-606 & MT-18 on mine) my bike is almost the same as the one shown in the pictures. Good info for anyone looking to "transform" their machine. Definitely ditch the "TV set" of a tail light and the good for nothing "wings" and you'll change the look from weak to aggro. :cry:

Happy modding

Awesome...this place is great!...i live in Texas and i dont believe were too strict about street legalizing..i was also thinking about an XR400 but dont know if it will be able to handle the freeway every now and then? Actually an XR400 would be ideal b/c its less expensive and thats good for me now, being my first bike and all..BUT, this isnt the 400 forum..

that dirtrodders website is great...and the XRL is that is awesome, i didnt know their stance was that aggressive and really dirt bike looking...



Sorry guys??, I've been a Honda guy since the early 80,s and have been riding & racing since the early 70,s. I bought a XRL 650 for D/S use and did all the mods, I was very happy with the bike till I rode a DRZ400S with a few mods. The result??, I sold the XRL & got a 03 DRZ400S!!!. I ride mainly offroad but do enjoy some street. For mostly offroad use I have to give the nod to the DRZ!!. With a few inexpensive mods the DRZ,S is the best all around bike on the market today!! :cry:

Us big guys (220 lbs) need the extra torque...


I recently got an 05 xr650l. I have put 2100 miles on it. I have jetted, desnorkled, uni-filter, new rear tire. I am thinking about selling it, to get a more street worthy bike since that is all I really do. I live in Houston. Let me know if you want to check it out.

For what it's worth, check out my 04 650L mods and pics on my website. (Just picture it with no mirrors :cry: , as they are now gone in anticipation of a Ken Sean folding mirror :cry:

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