new to 426 land

Hi all, Well after reading lots and lots of threads here you guys are fart smellers, uh sorry smart fellas,

well i went into the local shop to pick up a new aluminum tube for my oldest,s yz80 and to check on my wifes new ttr230 delivery and it just happened that the owners son had just parked a sweet 02 426f and after talking over with the wife decided to sell xr400 and upgrade to blue. have to wait until her bike comes in this week but cant wait. i see that there are alot of mods any suggetions on what first. thanks for having such a great site :cry::cry:

Just got the same year/model myself after years in the woods on XR600's and DRZ's. Looking forward to knowing this machine better. I'm in the process of a few intial mods right now. :cry:

Call me crazy, but I don't have any big complaints about the stock bike aside from the tin foil bars and chain. Just put on a sturdy bar and a set of tires to match your terrain and then you've got a fairly solid package.

I like a good complete pipe and airfilter. Then a new chain and sprockets and handlebars. You can also through on some good michialin starcross softcompoun tires front and rear. Then a complete suspension setup re-valve, sprins, fluid. Then your golden in my book. When it comes time for a top end a bor out and 13.5.1 compression is very nice!

Aside from upgrades I think the 02 426 is the most pleasing bike nowadays ever. Except from brand new.

I'm with sirthumpalot, the stock 426 is a great bike. I've had an '01 426, a 250F, and now an '02 426. If you do regular maintenance, these bikes are just plain bulletproof. Throw on some bars with a bend you like, setup the suspension for you, gas up, and have a blast :cry:

thanks for the info, i think it already has bars, i know it has a pipe, i think i am deffinitly gonna do the cam mod and get the susp dvd

The first mod you should do is add the Zip-Ty air screw. Being able to easily fine tune the airscrew is invaluable

The stock 426 is a great bike. I have an '01 that I kept when I upgraded to an '04 CRF450.

The '02 426 is the best of all of them.

Only thing to really do is jet for your local conditions, set up the suspension, and RIDE. Also, put some outdoor or automotive "goop" underneath the chain slide otherwise it will eat your swingarm. Trust me, just get the goop, I tried many other things (RTV, silicone, foam sealant) and the only thing that lasts is goop.

BTW - I never did the cam mod - the bike is a one or two kick starting bike since new ferchrissakes!!! And don't let people tell you that you need the GB/BK mod (shorten the duration of the accelerator pump squirt) either. Judge for yourself. There is no bog on my '01 but it's jetted for the conditions I ride. :cry:

Also remember that if the bike doesn't start in 10 kicks or so and you are using the correct starting "drill", just put in a new NGKCR8 plug. Works every time. That may happen a few times until you get it jetted right.

I never did the 450 cam or the zip-ty needel or thegb/bk mods either and my bike started first/second kick every time. Hell all you have to do to bump start them is tap the decompression lever. Never fould a plug in 3 years. She ran like a bat out of hell too.

I also agree with Hotrod250f with the experience I have had with my 01 426. you will just have to get used to the tall 1st gear and not having to twist the throttle as much as the xr to do the same riding! :cry:

I have an Applied clamp and 2 sets of risers for the 426. It helps the bike fit taller riders a bit better. You can also run OS bars (pro taper). The clamp allows for height adjust and front to back adjust.

I have the clamp advertised for $100, but make me an offer. retail is $164.

No pad included (it is on my 2004!)


talked to dealer today and wifes bike still not in, jones'n real badddddddd

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