How do you remove impeller shaft

My weeping hole has weeped a small amount of coolent and I don't want to weep $$$ at the dealer and give them the opportunity to screw something else up or tears from me screwing something up. So, I have checked our trusty archive to find out what was causing the leak. It seems I am due for at least a new outer oil/water seal. If not impeller shaft.

Can I replace the outer oil/water seal without removing the crankcase cover? I think yes. Can someone please explain in some detail how to remove the impeller shaft? Anyother advice on this operation would also be appreciated.

I have a 03 WR450 with over 800 trail miles.

Thank you

just remove the cover and do both seals and the shaft if it's required. If you are going to do something, do it properly.

Is it worth melting your engine over a few $$'s??

You will need the shaft, oil seal, water seal and side cover gasket. About $85.00 worth of parts and you need to do this once a year for the average rider. The shaft gets a groove cut into it from the water seal due to no lubrication. :cry:

Indy: I'm having a hard time figuring out which part is the "water seal". Can you give me either the part number or what number the part is in the diagram?


Water pump shaft is Part #5GR-12458-00-00

Water seal (oil type) is Part # 93109-11073-00

Oil seal is Part # 93102-12106-00

Thanks. The parts listing described the water seal as a second oil seal. Any special install tips?

Just use white lithium grease on the water seal and shaft. and pack the weep hole cavity with lithium grease. :cry:


Thanks for the parts list !!!

Could you please elaborate on any tips on how to take the shaft out. Should it be removed before or after the crankcase cover is taken off.

Thank again, Grandville

after you remove the side case! use a wrench on the back side of the shaft to remove the impellar shaft! :cry:

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