Got my eastcoast wheels rim and

its the wrong size. But will it matter?

I asked for a stock rear rim, its a 18 inch, but the width of the rim is 5". Pretty huge. Will I have a problem fitting tires on there?

The 5" costs more, so maybe you lucked out (if it fits???). How long ago did you order your wheels?

inside stock width is 2.15"

What are you doing bro going SuperMoto with it? I think you should still be able to fit a 150 in there.

No, its a stock tire. Supermoto is overrated. I like dirt bikes. Whats the bike in your avatar?

5 inch 18?

thats so weird.

What good would that be for anything?

2.60 is as wide as you 'might' want to go in the rear for off road--and most would say the 2.15 is better....but 5? no way.

and if its a 18 what good is that going to do you at motard? i dont know the motard world--but dont they usually run 17? isnt that what all the wheel selection would lock one into?

they messed up my order also....east coast wheels...the lady on the phone was always nice....but she kept saying--it will be in next week--and they never called or emailed to say there would be a delay--just me calling in every week or two and trying to be nice--but still wondering--what the hell is going on took over 2 months!!!!!!!!!For most of that time i could have driven 1 hour over to Chapparal and picked same stuff up for 3-4 dollars the lady very nearly ordered me a motard set up....i guess it makes sense that the majority of 650R wheels on the east coast might be going motard...but at least ask!

i would do business whith them again--but i would take the time to get it in writing exactly when my wheels or parts would come in.

east coast wheels monitors this site--so we are talking to ourselves, and to them!


It bugs me when vendors do that!



I sent them an email, and they are going to send postage for me to send it back. I would prefer for them to send me the other rim and the postage included in there for me to send this rim back. I wonder how long its going to take now!

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