seriously dumb question needs asking

is there any aftermarket fuel gauge that can installed on a dual sport bike? something that would give an indication of the fuel level while riding?

Get one of the 'natural' colored tanks. Then you can see the fuel level through the tank.

The best gas gage is a see-through tank. I cant think of any bike that ever came with one nor any aftermarket units. A natural colored tank and knowing what kind of mileage you get is the best bet.

I have seen home-made ones ... the tank is tapped into in an upper position, and another position low down on the tank ... a section of clear fuel line connects the two, and you can see your level in the tube ... I'd go with the clear gas tank myself, but if you've got an old tank you don't care about, it may be a method to try ( until a wayward tree branch snags your line and leaves you stranded ) ...

If you don't want to buy a natural colored fuel tank, then keep a few ping pong balls in your fuel tank and you can quickly check your fuel level if you don't mind removing your fuel cap for a quick check.

great idea! or gauge it by milage, i have to do that with my sportbike cuz it has no fuel guage.

I got the idea from Mx Bonz who sells a product like ping pong balls for this purpose. Here's their link.

I haven't used ping pong balls myself, but I've talked with someone who has used them for ~6 months and also read comments from someone else here on TT who has used actual ping pong balls for ~4 years with good results.

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