Christmas Came early

Well got like 45 days left in Iraq then I get to come home and ride my new bike. My wife picked it up last saturday and now it sits next to my 02.

Kinda of a cool story that goes with the bike.

My wife and 11 year old son go down to the shop to pick up the bike yesterday and low and behold one of my old tie down straps starts to slip as they are strapping it down. So lisa goes back in to buy a new one and Leaves Brandon in the truck. Well she comes out and see's Brandon is not in the truck, then hears some comotion off in the parking lot, so she looks over that way assuming the worst and see's Brandon darting between some cars and jumping into a old truck.

Well turns out some guys truck wouldn't start so he pops the hood and tries the old screwdriver to the starter trick but forgets to take it out of gear. Well the truck rolls forwrad pinning him inbetween his truck and a wall, Brandon saw this ,jumped out and put the thing in reverse and free'd the guy. Pretty damn good for a just turned 11 year old.

I am real proud of him and Lisa said he was a little shaken up but as he thought about it more started to appreciate what he ahd done for the guy.

Thats a damn good story.

Hey great all around post! Thank you very much for your service! :cry: Also congrats on the new bike and it sounds like your kid is bright and clear thinking, a lot to come home to! :cry::cry:

Great story. And your pic looks like it came from my garage! I have an 03 and a new 05 sitting next to it!

Great story, nice bike, sounds like a great family. :cry:

And yes, thanks a bunch for helping keep America free :cry:

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