Zip Ty Fuel Screw?

Hi y'all. I just bought my wonderful '98 YZ400F about a month ago. Love this bike. I took her out for the 1st time last weekend. Great bike and incredible power for a 4 stroke. The last 4 stroke dirtbike I owned was 15 or so years ago, an '88 XR200R. Let's just say this is like a rocket ship compared to that old technology. It's great to just gas and go since 2 strokes are such high maintanence.

Where exactly on the carb is the air/fuel mixture? I have jewler tools with multiple flatheads that I can adjust it with. I can get a set at a local liquidation store for $1.99. I actually have 2 sets now since I couldn't find the original one so I bought another then found it later. Anyway, I didn't spend much time looking for the air/fuel mixture hole but I think I was told it was underneath the carb in a recessed area where it may look like where a mounting screw would be. Is this right? Thanks.

The falling out issue has plagued the 450 quads.

The stretching idea has been the best help.


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