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Logically, all of you advice is valid. But, my experience is contrary to your advice. My last tire was a Kenda Trakmaster II, 110/100-18, and it was great. I decided to try a 120/100 Trakmaster when the old one wore out. (According to the Dennis Kirk catalog, 100s are measured across the actual tire, while 80s and 90s are measured at the tips of the knobbies. So a 120/100 is equivalent to a 140/80. It's pretty wide.) The difference in traction is TREMENDOUS. I think some of that is due to the flywheel effect, as you described. Instead of the wheel spinning furiously and me going nowhere, it hooks up a lot better because it is NOT spinning wildly. Especially in soft sand and mud, the wider track allows me to float a lot easier over it. Again, I'm able to accelerate faster than before with less wheel spin. I am still able to slide around turns as before, but I think it's more controllable now. I do notice the increased unsprung weight, in terms of harder landings from jumps, but I think I'm faster in the woods overall with the wider tire.

BTW, I've had no problems with mudflap wear with the wider tire. I say go for it. I'm sticking with the wider tires.

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Why do you want a wider tire? some slippage is desirable, both for turning and wear/tear on your tranny.

The tire question is impossible to answer. A 110 Dunlop is MUCH wider than a 110 Michelin. Go figure! Generally speaking a 140 is too wide. The 130's are known to fit, yet the 120 seems to be popular upgrade size. You won't need new wheels to go up to 120 or 130. Since each brand/model seems to have their own numbering system, don't assume they will all fit.

I run 110 or 100, it bites in the mud better.

Think about the implications--heavier tire thus will throw suspension off. More unsprung rotating weight will produce more "flywheel" effect thus is will be harder to change directions as easy. This is REAL obvious on street bikes, I've been there done that.

Chances are you'll tear up the mudflap, not a big deal though.

Unless you're tossing on some street tires, personally I would avoid anything above 120.

For sand/ mud, a wider tire will sink not in as well. For rocks, the tire may slip more due to the fact that there's less pressure on the rock per square inch.

My 110/100-18 Dunlop 755 seems quite a bit wider than stock, even though it's the same size.

All I'm saying is think about this and don't assume a wider tire is going to give you more traction. A wider tire seems counterproductive to me. More upsrung and rotating (the two worst type :) weight. Possibly more strain on your tranny/chain.

Pick the tire tread on your needs, not the size.

Guys, am I way off base here, or is this decent advise?

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