05' clutch growl

I have some growl from the clutch when the lever is out, does anyone else have this? I pulled it apart and found nothing, all is new! :cry:

My '03 does the same thing while idling in neutral. I believe it's normal. Normal on my '03 anyway.

The last time i road mine it growled bad when i let the clutch out in gear. it was pretty bad sounding and not normal at all I'm not sure what it is either but im sure it will show its ugly head again and i m hoping it is not $$. mine is an 05 with about 20 hrs.

Mine is an 05 too, and it also has about 9 hrs on it, let me know if you find anything I checked everything?

A growl, or rattling noise with the clutch out, idling in neutral that goes away when you pull in your clutch is normal. What's happening is the engine is speeding up each time it fires, and then slowing down each time it hits a compression stroke. This acceleration/deceleration cycle is transmitted to the transmission via the clutch, and what you hear is the transmission gears banging back and forth against themselves. You'll hear this in same thing in a lot of 4 and 6 cylinder stick shift cars. Nothing to worry about. :cry:

Thank you much for the info, it does make sense! I can breath alittle easier now.

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