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Redwood City Doc Wong First Aid/CPR for Motorcyclists!! Saturday Jan 15, 2005

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Doc Wong Certified First Aid/CPR for Motorcyclists!! Saturday January 15, 2005


Most of us have been there....on a ride and someone goes down. You see that cloud of dust or the rider is in front of you and you get that sinking, oh s....t feeling and hope it's not too bad.

But what if the injuries are bad? Are you prepared to assist? Will you do the right thing? It can mean the difference between life and death, minor or major injuries. There's an even more important procedure than tending to the fallen rider, what's that?

Learn what to do and not do when the unexpected happens. What's the very first thing you must do even before attending to the fallen rider. How do you handle road rash, fractures, and bleeding. When should you remove the helmet? What about spinal injuries, shock and much more.

This is a power packed workshop, hands on, First Aid and CPR class geared for you. So you can be ready for the worst, but of course hope for the best!

We'll even go over what you should have in your First Aid kits!

This 5 hour First Aid / CPR course which will help you in handling the most common First Aid / CPR situations that you encounter as a motorcyclist!

To top it off, you'll get a CPR certification!!

If you are an EMT, I need volunteer instructors to help out! The number of volunteers will determine the number of students I can have.

So e-mail me if you're an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician).

What: Doc Wong Certified First Aid/CPR for Motorcyclists!

When: Saturday January 15, 2005

Time: 9am to 3pm

Where: Doc Wong's office at 1391 Woodside Road, Suite 200 Redwood City, CA 94028

Cost: $35

How to sign up: e-mail docwong@aol.com

Proceeds to Sponsor Leatherneck Racing, i.e. Gary Jaehne's racing efforts! Go Gary!

We had this class last year which was unbelieveable! It was the BEST First Aid class I've ever been to.

They really geared the class for motorcyclists and motorcycling situations. It was so close to being a certified class that this year I just added another hour and you get the certification too!

Ride street, ride track, ride dirt, trials.....ride.....well!

Doc Wong

Check out the stuff on the Doc Wong (Free) Riding Clinics on my web site! http://www.docwong.com

Note: Photos for "Doc Wong Crashes" and the "Doc Wong Message Board" are now on my web site.


To get the latest announcements on my Riding Clinics subscribe to the Doc-Ride Mail-list!

Go to: http://www.micapeak.com/lists/doc-ride


Next Doc Wong (Street) Clinics:

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December 10, 2004 "Basic Suspension Part 1" Friday night 7:15pm-10:15pm

January 9, 2005 "Cornering Confidence - Judging Entrance Speed" Sunday 8am-2:30pm

January 15, 2005 "CPR and First Aid for Motorcyclists Class" Saturday 9am-3pm

February 6, 2005 "Smooth Riding - Throttle Control" Sunday 8am-2:30pm

March 20, 2005 "Cornering Confidence - The Steering Input" Sunday 8am-2:30pm

April 10, 2005 "Smooth Riding - Handle bar pressure"Sunday 8am-2:30pm

May 15, 2005 "Cornering Confidence - Lines of Travel (2 Step)"Sunday 8am-2:30pm

June 12, 2005 "Smooth Riding - Body English-Weight Transfer" Sunday 8am-2:30pm

July 17, 2005 "Cornering Confidence - Stable Body Position and Anchor Points" Sunday 8am-2:30pm

August 14, 2005 "Cornering Confidence - Pivot Steering" Sunday 8am-2:30pm

September 25, 2005 "Smooth Riding - Awareness, Vision and the Vanishing point" Sunday 8am-2:30pm

October 23, 2005 "Cornering Confidence - Road Surfaces and Curve Configurations" Sunday 8am-2:30pm

November 20, 2005 "Cornering Confidence - Wet Weather Riding and Loose Conditions" Sunday 8am-2:30pm

December 11, 2005 "Smooth Riding - Shifting and Braking" Sunday 8am-2:30pm


Special Doc Wong Events:

Rider Skills and Survival Day August 2005 (to be announced)

Ducati Day in La Honda October 2005 (to be announced)


Next Doc Wong group at Keith Code's Calif. Superbike School

December 16, 2004 (Thursday) at Laguna Seca Raceway

October 17, 2005 (Monday) at Sears Point

December 6, 2005 (Tuesday) at Sears Point


Next Doc Wong group at TRACK DAYs events:

E-mail me at DocWong@aol.com for more information! To register for any of these track days go to the organizer's web site and mention that you're in the Doc Wong Group for any applicable discounts.www.clubdesmo.comwww.keigwin.comwww.speedyard.com

December 1, 2004 (Wednesday) Laguna Seca - Club Desmo

May 30, 2005 (Monday-Memorial Day) Buttonwillow

August 20, 2005 (Saturday) Buttonwillow

August 21, 2005 (Sunday) Buttonwillow

September 5, 2005 (Monday-Labor Day) Buttonwillow

October 10, 2005 (Monday-Columbus Day) Buttonwillow


Next Dirt and Dual Sport Clinics (format is Friday night 7:15pm at my

office and Sunday 9am at Clear Creek)

Friday night Dec 17, 2004 and Sunday December 19, 2004

Friday night Jan 21, 2005 and Sunday January 23, 2005


**Special acknowledgement and thanks to:

Keith Code of California Superbike Schools for his help and guidence and support. The Doc Wong Street Riding Clinics are almost all based on his works. Get his books and tapes on the subject, read them and apply them....your riding will be much better for it! www.californiasuperbikeschool.com

Gary Jaehne for his contributions on the Suspension clinics and in his book: "Sportbiking: The Real World"....great reading.

Bodywork repair and painting I recommend: Mike Adrian at Madesigns: 831.247.3151 ma_designs@sbcglobal.net

And special acknowledgement to L. Ron Hubbard who has provided me with the vital tools to be effective in life and in teaching me how to learn


Street riding, dual-sport riding, dirt riding, trials riding, side car riding,

now track riding....lots to do, not enough time...gota get to flat trackin


Recommendation if you ride street: Get a dual-sport bike or dirt bike and learn how to ride in the dirt where it's always loose. Besides being a blast, it'll make you a more confident street rider.

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