Same old question -- 250 or 450

Hello, my name is Jim (alias -- MO_XR400). Just sold my trusty old steed (XR400). I need to replace it with the best bike possible. What I thought would be an easy task has turned into a complete headache.

Before making a large purchase (i.e., TV, car, etc.) I like to perform a detailed anlysis to ensure that I purchasing the best product for the money. I've found myself doing the same thing with the bike search. So....I turn to you, my good friends, for clarification.

Here's my story...I'm 34 years old, 6' tall and ~220 geared up. I live in Kansas City and prefer to ride in the woods. The trails around here are not as tight as what they have back east, but they can still be pretty challenging. I've been riding for several years (KDX220, DRZ400, XR400)...I'm not the fastest guy in the group, but not the slowest either.

So far I've look at the following bikes: Honda (CRF250x and CRF450x), KTM (400EXC and 450EXC), Yamaha (WR250F and WR450F). From my research, I've ruled out all but the WR250 and WR450. Cost and reliability were the main concerns.

Now I have it down to two choices! Whew!

Things that I am currently thinking about...The 250 would probably be a ton of fun in the woods (where you never get out of 2-3 gear). Sounds like it might be a little down on power stock though. I'll plan on doing the mods and also would look into Dr.D, PowerNow, JD kit, etc. The bike sounds perfect, I'm just concerned about big rocky hills climbs or other areas where you need to putt along (torque!) and pick your lines carefully. I found this easier on the XR and DRZ than I did with the KDX.

The WR450 looks very nice as well. I've always said that I would rather have more power than not enough. However, I beginning to see the light regarding riding the bike vs. having the bike ride you. I've also read where East coast riders should get the 250 and West coast riders should get the 450...well...I'm in the midwest or a combination of the two.

What advice can you give me in helping decide...250 or 450? Your assistance would be greatly appreciated!

Take care and Thanks!!!

Go with the 450. You can go easier on the motor and it will last longer, plus, you're no lightweight... g

Definitely the 450. Better to have the power.

I have been down both roads. In the woods 250 in the open 450 :cry: Both are a blast.

Both are good choices. I like the 450 for short shiffting and lugging but the WR250's I have ridden needs to be rev'd hard to have the same get up and go. 250 is lighter and feels better in tight turns. 450 is very akward in low speed tight stuff. You get used to it and just accept it has limitations. Every where else it shines. Midwest usually has more open trails these days. Some tight stuff in Michigan and Wisconsin. With ATV's opening up more single tracks to wider trails I would recommend the 450! The ATV's are taking over our trails for the most part and we just have to adjust to having fun on wider trails. WR450 is ready for fun! Enjoy your new WR! :cry:

Without a doubt = 450

Well, if they made a WR350, the decision would already be made. I'm 6'0" and about 205 lbs and love my WR450F. I think overall, this would be a better deal. If you have to get just one,then do the 450. It lugs nicely in tight stuff, climbs liek a tractor. In fact, I find being able to lug it assist in climing some hills where other guys spin because they have to spin the little motors up. And your used to the DRZ400 and the XR400, those both have some good low end grunt. I dont think you'd want to have less.

I'd vote 450 as well. It is my first real dirtbike and haven't found that it has too much unmanageable power. I've never felt 'scared' and if you know what you're doing should have no problems. I've got a friend with the CRF250 and it doesnt do as well in the woods, the spinning tire up issue that has been referred to. :cry:

Good luck. Any choice you make will be a good one, at least you're researching before you buy.

450 for sure

450 450 450

I'm a bit of a newbie and i still went for the 450. I don't use all the power so i would likely be quicker on a 250, but i went for the 450 for reliability. If you keep it just 1000 RPM's below the rev limiter it will last a lot longer. Both will be lighter than your xr.

Definately go with the 450 ! It is awesome on trails, and also open space. Do the free mods, if not done and it will rock.

03 WR450

98 CR500

IF you were buying an aircraft and the choice was a Cessna or a F15

would you still ask silly questions ?

450 450 450 450 450 450

Enough !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cry::cry: :cry: :cry::cry:

IF you were buying an aircraft and the choice was a Cessna or a F15

would you still ask silly questions ?

E.G [ xr400- WR 450 ]

450 450 450 450 450 450

Enough !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cry::cry: :cry: :cry::cry:

Based on my limited experience, the WR450 is a lot of work in tight trees. But if you're used to doing it on a XR400, the 450 shouldn't be too much different. Once the trail opens up, the 450 is awesome. Maybe get a Rekluse to make the tree riding a little easier?

WR540 all the way. I live in NW Arkansas and we have tight, rocky, hilly terrain and the 450 works great. I'm 5' 10" tall and 185 lbs and no where near a great rider. The 450 forgives alot of my mistakes. Hope this helps.

The 450 forgives alot of my mistakes. QUOTE]

OH Yeah! :cry: The beast will amaze the average rider in technical rocky nasty terrain! It is so easy it is like cheating. :cry:

The 450 forgives alot of my mistakes.

OH Yeah! :cry: The beast will amaze the average rider in technical rocky nasty terrain! It is so easy it is like cheating. :cry:

I couldn't agree more. The 450 is my first "real" dirt bike (had a KTM LC4 Supermoto), & this thing is a beautiful ride. It blasts up super steep, slippery, muddy, rockey, rutted hills (the kind so steep & nasty that you'd almost fall over just standing there looking up them) like it's nothing. :cry:

Get the 450. I have a 250 X and a WR 450. I only bought the 250 because I live in Calif and wanted the green sticker. There was no greem sticker 450 last year, but now I have the new awesome WR 450. Its so much better.

Done deal!

WR450 it is.

I'm going to pick it up tomorrow. Thanks for all the good advice!

Does anyone know how to change your call sign (i.e., MO_XR400)?

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