baja designs skid plate - XR650L

just bought the BD skid plate. question, do i remove the little, outtermost, bar attached to the frame? or do i just install right over this bar?

any other advice before i install this skid plate?

If you're talking about the tubular wrap- around guard at the front of the motor, then yes, it comes off. On mine the Moose skid plate would not fit over that guard. Does that help?

My skidplate fit over the bars with no loss of ground clearance.

The bars saved my butt too- I ride in a loooot of rocks! Nothing like wheeling off a boulder and nailing another with the skidplate on landing...


Good question on the BD skid plate.

I looked at mine today (not yet installed) and it appears as though it could be installed with or without the original tubular bar protectors.

Lets hear it guys. There must be lots of riders with BD skid plates on their XRL's. :cry:


On my XR600R , which has a very similar frame to the 650L, I left the tubular pieces on thinking the more protection the better. I was also using the BD/Moose/Utah Sport Cycle skidplate.

Get rid of it. The skidplate weighs as much as the oem cage, so save yourself a pound or more, and toss that oem cage in storage. A pound here and there can add up. :cry:

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