This is my first time posting a picture so I hope it works.

I got a new terraflex for this weekend and this thing is a's huge!

I'll let you all know how it worked next week.

OK so posting the picture didn't about a little help.


OK I figured it out....all by myself.

Look at that monster! It really just barely fit.

Never seen anyone so excited about a tire but that is a friggin monster...Looks like that thing would grab in a bucket of budda...Have a great time..... :cry::cry::cry:

Dayum dude! Huge knobs! I would love to use a tire like that to really plow up the ground, kick ass! Is that tire for soft, hard, or combo terrain? I have a dunlop d739 I think it is, on my bike. Great rooster tails in moist soil, not all that great otherwise. wears out fast. My KX500 absolutely destroyed it's rear tire in no time, it was a bridgestone.



OK I figured it out....all by myself.

Look at that monster! It really just barely fit.

Wow! :cry: That's a beast! I've seen pic of the tire, but never seen one mounted. That's gotta be my next rear tire.

Wow that is a beast!

I just ordered the IRC M5B 140 but the looks of that teraflex are making me second guess my decision! I guess the more I ride the sooner I can get the teraflex next!


Yeah, I guess I'm a little giddy about the tire.

I used to just go to the shop down the street and take what ever they had but as you probably already know the pig can really eat up a tire. I did a search on here for tires and I read that this is the best. Wears the longest and best for all terrains.

So this weekend I'm gonna give it a good test out in the desert. Mostly loose sandy conditions but also lots of rocky sections.

Stay tuned for the report on Monday

You should rock on those Jawbone hillclimbs with that beast!

Keep in mind when you get all the traction you can,you will find the weak parts.I used this tire in the late eighties when it was made by Dick Cepek and it is heavy due to the steel belted construction which can play hell with clutches,and mudguards.Works in all conditions quite well,and lasts forever.You can even run it flat because of the steel belted construction.

Hey Bozerk,

What desert are you in/near?

I am going to pick up a Monster tonight and if all goes well test drive it on Sat. up at Baldy Mesa.

what is the modle of that tire? I know that it is a teraflex but what modle? I have the dunlop d606 but it is wearing way too fast. let us know how that monster does.

I'm riding at jawbone canyon in the high desert above Mojave this weekend. Should be a combination of conditions from loose and sandy to rocky.

I'll keep you posted on how I like it.

It's a terraflex type 2 tread. Do a search for tires in this forum and you should find something....that's how I found it....the power of TT :cry:


Here's a picture of the aftermath of this weekend. I have to say the traction from this monster is phenomenal. Not alot of tire spin going on, give it the gas and you leap forward. I wore the edges off but it still looks in pretty good shape, still plenty of knobbys left.

So the report is.....I like it! :cry:

Now I just want to see how long it lasts to see if it's really worth the extra cash.

a little off topic but, dude , you look like you need a little foot peg work.that right one is pretty tweaked.

I used to run Terraflex on the back in coastal SC and found that it was a "monster" in turns. I rode mostly deep sand and mud then and it just would not blow out of a sandy berm. The more gas you gave it the harder it dug. I actually had to get used to having more acceleration out of sand turns than I was used to. In deep sugar sand the trick was to clutch out of the turn a gear high and let the roost fly. If you ride sandy terrain you are going to love it.

I know a guy who has one like that on his 400. He loves it!

Geez, fitting a TFII in a 400 would be tight tight squeeze! The model is a Terra Flex II. It is made by interco tire company down in Louisiana. You can order them direct from Interco---talk to a buy named Boo (like a ghost). For me and my type of riding, this is the best tire for the 650r. It's steel belted, lasts forever, isn't too much money, has MONSTER hookup and when it starts to fade, you can flip the tire 180 degrees (it's non directional). I weigh 250 easily when geared up and when running in soft stuff, I'll run 8-10 lbs of pressure and have never gotten a flat. That is Michigan and Indiana trail riding, not bombing through the desert going 80 bouncing off rocks. I'm sure you guys will be happy with the results. Make sure it is going past the half way mark on the chain adjusters and don't be suprised when you see rub marks when you hit bottom. And they aren't nearly as tough to put on as they look. They are quite plyable!


oh yah, they are DOT approved

i see your teraflex and indeed it is quite impressive, but i ask, will it plow thru

HOT MOLTEN MAGMA?? :cry: all kidding aside, i almost bought one but opted out for the IRC M5B in 140/80x 18.. i read reviews that recommended both. I hope i chose wisely. i will post something when i run it thru HOT MOLTEN MAGMA :cry:

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