As a matter of fact I ran into a stream of "Hot Molten Magma" this weekend.

While the plastic on my bike is melted and warped, and the guy behind me has a few three degree burns from my Magma roost, the tire held up fine.

OK....I didn't really roost through "Hot Molten Magma" but the tire worked great in all conditions. I give it a :cry:

a little off topic but, dude , you look like you need a little foot peg work.that right one is pretty tweaked.

I looked at the picture again and then went out to check out my bike. It's an optical illusion in the picture but I did notice it's a little bent back, like I banged into a rock or something. I'll tell you what though, I'm not trying to bend it back, I think it would break and I didn't even notice it...until someone pointed it out.

Now, next time I ride I probably won't be able to get comfortable because of my bent peg that's probably been like that for months.

Thanks for pointing it out for me. :cry:

where did you get that tire?? I have checked at chaparral and rockymountain and did not find it? am I doing something wrong?

Hey thumper 245. I posted a question under "650L terraflex" and got a reply from 1biglung saying he'd bought one a chaparral so I just purcahsed one on Monday from them. Wasn't in their catalog but I called them at 800-841-2960 and the fella sold me one for 74.99 + shipping(about $10), supposedly its on its way. Hope this helps.

I get mine from Mike and his crew have excellent customer service. They had my tire on my door the next day no extra charge.

Thank you everyone. That will be my next tire, I just bought a set of Dunlop D606s and I am not very impressed with them I hope that this tire is better.

What is the tire size? 140? 5.10? Thanks....

Its a 140/80/18 but it looks way bigger, and mean. :cry:

Thanks! D.O.T approved too? I wonder how it rides on the black stuff?

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