shavings in the oil filter??

Hey i changed the oil on my YZ426 the other day for the first time and i took the oil filter out and notice some metal shavings in there real fine nothing big also saw some little black shavings too.. um i cleaned the oil filter and all put installed it but i was woundering if this is normal wear and tear on this bikes i'm still kinda new on owning one of these badboys so i still seems to run pretty good i don't see really any smoke riding..anyway so i dunno i hope it's just normal wear and tear and nothing serious going on in there i''ve always checked the oil and seem full... :cry:

I would recommend changing your oil every 3 rides. Change your oil filter every two oil changes. What kind of oil filter do your currently have? Are you re-using the OEM/paper one's? There are lots different thoughts on this subject and the frequency associated w/ it.

Just my $.02

I have always just cleaned the OEM metal one on my 426. I have three and rotate them.

Metal shavings on the YZF's are normal. I change my oil overy two or three rides and clean/inspect/change the oil filter every other oil change.

I was told that they can last for 10 oil changes and be perfectly fine. Hell mine lasted forever.

if there is no metal shaving in your filter, your oil pump ain't working.

The shavings come from the tranny and the clutch basket. I change my oil every ride day.

just change your oil often. A little bit of metal shavings is normal, but if the filter is packed full, then your motor is in need of some new bearings. Probably the lower Conrod bearing. It is the most common problem on older/tired 426 motors (I just rebuilt mine).

hey guys thanks for your answers ummm well i belieave it was like 4 or 5rides ago i last changed it and had the dealership ... and i belieave it's just the oem filter that's in it i was looking at twin Airs oil filter not sure probably not reuseble but i dunno if anyof u guys ever used those but maybe just buying a couple Oem Filters and just rotate them around and clean if needed but ya i was thinking it was normal for the shavings i just wanted to make sure there wasn't all that much.. but thanks for the reply guys i'll just keep up on my oil changes i used Mobile one Synthitic 10w40 this time wasn't the red cap like u guys was saying but it was made for 4cycle motorcycles ...i was looking at Royal purple for motorcycles any of u guys tried that oil? anyway thanks

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