Technosel/Tecnosel Steven Everts Graphics!?!?!

I have been looking online for HOURS trying to find a place to buy steven everts orangish red graphics kit from technosel or tecnosel, whichever way you spell it. I have been looking at U.S. companies...nobody has them anymore...i've been looking for european companies that have them, and i cant find any. I tried the tecnosel website and its outdated and doesnt really work, plus i tried to look for other tecnosel websites and nothing comes up...if anyone on here knows how to get them, or somehow knows somebody who can get them..pleast PM me or something...i dont care if i have to order them from another country...plleeeaaassseee helllpppp, its driving me insane! :cry:

One of our local motorcycle shops used to be the distributor for Technosel, not sure if they still are? Let us know if you find anything out.

Villa Racing Products

34 South Street

San Luis Obispo, CA 93401


Did you get my PM?

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