Filter Access

Hey guys,

Just curious if anyone had tried to modify the airbox for easier access to the filter. I know it is not really that bad, but I think it would be better if there were a side access so that you don't have to remove the seat to clean/change the air filter. Any thoughts???


My '04 has side access. Not sure if you can retrofit the newer airbox to the older models. I'm sure someone out there has tried it.

Do you find that it is easier than the top access as far as actual removal of the filter? I would like to be able to get the filter out without doing back flips. Every time I take it out I feel like I am going to tear it or something. Thanks


Hell yes, it's a snap. All you do is press the little wire "hasp" that holds it in place towards the front of the bike & pops right off & swivels out of the way. Filter pops right out. Only having to undo the 3 dzus fasteners that hold on the airbox cover means that changing the filter is a no tools operation. :cry: Now only if we can get Yamaha to start using dsuz fasteners on their seats! :cry:

That is great, I will have to check into the possibilities. Thanks,


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