86 600 Won't start when Cold

I got my bike to start on 4-5 kicks when it was 45° out but I tried to start it a couple of times when it was 25° out and nothing, not even a pop. Is this a common trait of the big XR?

Common with my 87.

Is there anything you can do to get it to fire? I plan on ice racing it some.

Jet your pilot circuit richer...

I found the best way to start my bike is to tip it over,holding onto the bars of course untill a bit of gas drips from the carb overflow and upright the bike .. :cry: flip on the choke,operate foot and start

Works every time first or second kick,no matter how cold it is :cry:

That works for me as well. Lay it on its left side till you can see some gas poor out. I have yet to flood it.

97 XR600R

I agree on more fuel for the pilot side. After much time testing and tuning, mine will start in 1-2 kicks and it gets easier the colder it is. Mine is a little rich, though.

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