Graphics for WR450 with Acerbis tank

I have a question for you guys out there with a WR450 that has an Acerbis/GYT-R big tank.

I know the tank requires YZ shrouds. But which tank/shroud graphics fit the best. YZ450 or WR450.



I got YZ graphics for my Acerbis tank. Haven't put them on yet, but I figured with YZ shrouds might as well get the YZ kit....

Can you guys bring me up to speed on the tank and seat options for the 05 model. I know that they changed the seat and tank for 05, and I believe the shrouds are YZ for 05. I contacted SDG about a seat, they told me that last years seat will fit, but it won't meet the tank real well. I need a larger tank for the dez and a taller SOFTER seat.

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