Decomp starting ritual?

Before I Drop cash on a decomp cam

I dont mind the decomp lever

but I would love to be able to just kick

with the decomp cam, do you still have to be in the right spot to get it to fire? IE just past TDC?

I've got a 13:1 444 kit on my WR400, and if I dont have it exactly right, it will not start, the decomp lever helps finding that exact spot

if I still have to find the exact spot, I'm not going to spend cash on the decomp cam

I have had the '03 exhaust cam in two bikes (400 and a 426) and I can kick like a two-stroke, and the bike fires. Not *every* time, but the second kick is plenty easy.

You can forget "The Drill" if you have that cam.


I have the YZ Hot Cams with the decomp in my 02 WR426. I just kick away and it fires right up. I did leave the decomp lever on it, if I stall it I pull the lever give a couple of kicks to clear the cylinder. It always starts first or second kick. Not sure how the big bore kit is gonna affect it, but I have to think it won't be that bad.

The races here are dead start, bike turned off

if it starts on 2nd kick your in last place!

however it would be nice to just kick in case of a stall

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