Can you replace the squirt nozzle

My brothers bike AP spray is more of a light mist than a stream. I have used compressed air, carb cleaner and its not any better. Can I replace the the nozzle itself?

No, it is pressed into the carb throat.

Bonzai :cry:

I had the same problem. Did you take the slide out of the carb and put a rubber tipped air nozzle directly on the AP jet? That's what worked for me.

Try using some oxy/cetaline welding tip cleaners, you can buy them at any welding shop and they go very small in sizes, might be just enough to clean out the spray tip

The problem could be a bad pump diaphram. And if you do get a new diaphram be aware that you can purchase leaner and richer diaphrams for the accelerator pump.

already replace the diaphram. I will try the cleaner.

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