SuperMoto Wheels Help

Ok all... How do you get a WR450 Caliper on then..????or is the answer you don't and I need a New Caliper ????

Also have Talon Hubs, but when I tighten the spindle up the wheel is hard to spin, and yes I have the right Spacer????

Help please guys...?

You'll need a relocation bracket, you can either buy one or have one made on the cheap by a friend or local machine shop. You might try asking the boys on the Supermoto Forum as I'd be willing to bet someone probably has one they'd sell you. This forum is a great place for thunper info, but I'd say the VD guys have a leg up on all things supermoto, & most of the guys on there are also in the UK, which works well for you.

I have the bracket, got it on by removing the Pads, Needed to remove the Rear Disk protector to get the Rear wheel in , now the chain is to long ..**** it, got a new chain being fitted tomorrow, so hopefully by the weekend it will be game on... road bikes are so much easier......but not as much fun!!!!!!!!

I got you... Basically you're saying that the wheels are a ba$tid to put on.

Well what a laugh :

1: You need to remove the Speedo gearing and install a washer to stop it grabbing the bearing, talon are aware of this issue, but it only happens of 30% of bikes so its not an issue, nor do they supply you with the washer you have to make or buy one, I mean I only spent £500.00 on them, suppose its a bit much to ask for a 20p washer with the kit T8sers....

2:Caliper bolts are to long so you need to add a couple of washer to stop them touching the disc buttons (320mm) T8ssers x 2...

3:Need to remove the inner pad to fit you existing WR caliper to the Disk...T8sser's x 3

4:need to remove the Rear disk guard to fit the rear wheel in, not a problem

5: Need to pull the brake line down, 1 inch to allow the brake line cover to be re-installed.

so after all that the supermoto Wr450 is born.....basically Talon could do with little customer service training, and maybe instructions on fitting would be nice......

so we now have:

120/60 MTR01

160/60 MTR02

Talon Hubs (silver), Polish'ed SS spokes, Morad Rims (black)

Moto Master 320mm Disk

Moto Master Mouting Bracket

Gearing is now, 15/14 47 (off Road) and 15 45 (SuperMoto) this enable the use of 1 chain, (Afam gold link x Ring (DID re-badged))

If anybody else has ever done this let me know what fun you have had...??!?!?!?

&%$#@! is T8ssers??

"Tossers", kind of a UK version of "Jackoff", I think.

I'm assuming that the "T8ssers", is just a "character censored version"...

T*sser's, W*nkers, Jackoffs, Chunts... just english slang....there are plenty more which will come and got as I have WR problems....

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