My 2001 YZF leaks every time i stop riding, no matter how long i have been riding. I shut the gas off every time and something like gas or oil drips out of the black tube that comes down the left side of the frame by the shifter. Anyone know what it is?

I had the same thing happen to my '98. You will need to replace the petcock, at least, because it should shut off the fuel when you turn the valve off. If it's leaking while the valve is on, then you most likely have to adjust the float height....maybe the seat is worn for the float as well?

It sounds like it could be a sticky float in the float bowl.What I would try doing is take a wooden handled hammer and turn it around wood side to carb and LIGHTLY tap on the float bowl. A couple of light taps should free a sticky hung up float. If it does not cure it pull the carb to inspect the ceet/seat/seet(?sp)haha.

Well, it doesnt leak constantly only for a few minutes after i stop riding. And its only about 10 drops.

If you're talking about a few drops of dirty black oil dripping out of the 1/2" tube on the left side of the bike, it's normal. Just some oil from the breather tube.

Ok, thanks.

Yes, you all must be thinking of the carb vent tube. What YZF426Rider is talking about is the black vent tube on the left side of the frame which comes from the valve cover.

Oil dripping out of this is normal, its just blow by from riding in the high rpms or about a million other reasons.

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