Making a YZ street legal

There is a great deal on a YZ426F in my area that I am looking at if I dont get a WR. Will a YZ be able to power a WR headlight and tailight so I could make it street legal? Is that even a possibility?

just put a WR lighting coil on it (pretty expensive). The stock YZ system does not make enough power to run a headlight. I thought of just putting a separate NiCad battery system and fly under the radar with it. I would just recharge the battery each day. I have all the parts already, and that is way cheaper for me. You can also go for the aftermarket lighting systems from Baja Designs/etc. Don't forget, you need blinkers, brake switches (front and rear), kickstand, key switch, horn, mirror, etc....

It can really add up after you are done.

It can be done with a WR stator and flywheel, but just getting a WR instead of a YZ to start with would be a better option. The WR tranny spacing is better suited to dual-sport use.

Getting either titled in WI might be the hardest part though. :cry:

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