Acerbis Tail-Light XR650L

so i bought an Acerbis Tail-Light from Baja Designs for my new machine. i got the thing mounted on the fender and ran the wiring to the location under the seat where the stock tail-light connected. here's the question:

the stock wiring configuration has 3 wires attached to a plastic clip which then runs into the bike somewhere. this plastic clip fits nicely with the plastic clip attached to the 3 wires coming from the stock tail-light. the 3 wires on the new tail-light are just that, 3 wires. they are not attached to a plastic clip for easy attachment to the plastic clip attached to the bike??

what is the best solution here? i went down to the honda dealership to see if i could buy the plastic clip to attach the new wires to and they do not sell it. i would like to avoid cutting the clip off of the stock tail-light if possible. if i ever resold it, i would like to have the option of putting all of the stock goodies back on.

is there anywhere else to go buy these little plastic clips? maybe radio shack or home depot??

Good question I am also interested.

You'll most likely have to remove the stock Honda connector. It is very difficult if not impossible to find.

I would change it to traditional male/female style terminals. Install these terminals on your stock taillight wires also so it can still plug in no problem. Have you called Baja Designs?

Good question I am also interested.

Here's an easy way around this if you're not into soldering.

You'll need to cut the stock wires, but don't worry.

Go get some "bullet connectors" from Radio Shack or wherever.

Get the ones with the plastic covers on them. You'll need

three female and six male connectors, so six total. :cry:

Measure out from the tail light to a distance up the fender and cut the wires

off the stock set up where the wires will still be housed inside both the old

light and in the new light set up. Add three of the male ends to the stock

wires and ditch the TV set. Now add the three remaining male ends to the new

Acerbis tail light (load side) wires and the three female ends to the pigtail

(line side) wires coming from the fender.

Viola, interchangeability if the need ever arises. My tail light assembly was

broken apart so reusing it wasn't an option. I'd rather get another Maier if

given the choice. :cry: It is an excellent little light, although technically not D.O.T. :cry:

I also did it the way Dual Dog did it. See pics on my webpage. It looks very sano....

Don't worry about cutting wires, you can always install more RS waterproof connectors and put the stocker back on, though I can't think of why one would ever want to put it back would screw up my recently dialed in rear preload, as heavy as the TV set is! :cry:

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