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YZ250F fuel screw?

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Does anyone know if the OEM yamaha fuel screws are the same as the keihin FCR fuel screws offered for non oem applications? By non oem I am referring to Sudco for example.

Is there a place to get just the retention spring and washer and O-ring seperate?

Background: My 02 canadian version YZ250F has never started well in cooler weather. It starts alright if its 70ish degrees out. If it gets cold, then its pretty hard to start. I got the bright idea to turn the fuel screw out a bit more to richen up the idle mixture. Apparently, I went too far and it fell out. So now I've lost my fuel screw and all anciliary too. The dealer will only sell me the whole assemble together. I would rather not do that cause I would like to have the Zip Ty racing adjust on the fly setup instead. Unfortunately, it looks like I will have to buy the yamaha part for $28 just to get the retention spring/washer/0-ring.. and then spend more to get the aftermarket adjustable fuel screw. Sudco does offer these parts seperate and more reasonable but I don't know if the parts are the same! Grrrrrrr.

I already purchased the next size larger pilot jet to remedy the cold starting difficulty. Anyone have any ideas? I wanted to ride the 250F more now cause the sportbikes are put away and its cold. Figured that would give me some entertainment anyways. LOL I'm an idiot. Why didn't I put a piece of tape over that fuel screw. I was just taking it out to see how it would run with the fuel screw out more. I am such an idiot. 😢

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