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Cold jetting TTR125

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This is a canadian version TTR125L and its always seemed cold blooded. In the warm 70 degree weather its doesn't start so easily. Usually needs 3 or 4 attempts. As it warms up it will then run OK but idle seems pretty low. One day it was like 40 degrees and it wouldn't start no matter how I tried. It then started and ran later once the day warmed up!

Now its like 30 degrees. Should I replace the pilot jet with the next size larger. And would it normally require a larger main jet at 30 degrees? I assume its set up for 70ish degrees a bit lean from the factory to meet emissions etc...

So I'm thinking one size larger pilot jet. One or more clips higher on the needle. And maybe leaving the main jet alone unless it needs change? I was wanting to try this on the ice so it could be in the 20 or so degree range at that point. Any thoughts?

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