I Will Sell This Bike In Less Than 24 Hrs!!!!!

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Default 2001 YZ426F Ultra Nice w/NEW Engine

It's in the "For Sale" section, here is the link . It's priced at $2650 in the TT add and my phone number and email address is there for pictures or anymore info. It's a super nice '01 bought new in '02 (I'm the original owner) it has a new engine because I sold the bored & stroked engine out of it. Oh, by the way, there is pictures on another website where I also have it listed and it's "Only $2200 there currently'!!!


Also Check the other website Item Number 4510651171

I guess I won't, I'm rethinking spending all this money on dirtbikes......... :cry: Anyway, It looks like I'll be parting it out instead :cry: Here is the TT link in the parts for sale if anyone is interested?

Parting out a like new 2001 YZ426F!

O.k. everyone, I'm going to part out this bike! It's like new in every way, email me at blmen@cass.net with your "wish list" and I'll send you a picture of the part(s) you are interested in if available. P.S. if you hurry you can steal the whole thing for $2500.

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