New '05 YZF 450 tomorrow!!!

Congrat's on selling your wife on buying a bike.Next thing you need to do is find a dirt riding buddy with a spouce your wife really likes...

I swear the first time I read that I thought you said congrats on selling your wife and buying a bike. Next thing you need to do is find a dirt riding buddy with a spouse you really like...

Imagine my disappointment when I read it correctly! :cry:

This thread was going pretty well until the troll showed up... It's funny how all 10,000 people on this forum love the yz, but everyone this guy knows says they're shit and they all blow up.

I say stop hanging out in the gay bars so much.

I have a perfectly trouble free YZ450 in my garage, that is the way it is because its properly maintained.

Go away troll.

I agree I have had all the other brands but KTM and my first 450 was the best bike I have ever had. There is a reason why I keep buying them, so I am sure there all good but yamaha has treated me the best!

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