HEEEELP - Lower triple is stripped...

So I'm listening to youse guys. I get the GRP stabilizer....I'm trying to put it on. But evidently the folks that put teh steering head nut on last were descended from hercules. I couldn't even get it off with an impact driver. I had to use a bloody 4 foot bar to get it off.

Talk about stripped.

Bad thing is...I'm suppsed to ride on Wednesday. Taking the day off...as are a few friends.

It's a 98 yz400F. Suggestions anybody? Can it be threaded to hold? Or am I resigned to buying a complete lower triple clamp???

You can buy just the stem from Emig Racing and just press the old one out. Or buy a used stock one from someone here. Is the nut or stem stripped? I am guessing the stem. If the threads are gone, park the bike til it is fixed and save the agony/pain!

Both are stripped badly. I know it's critical....especially since we ride it pretty heavy rocks.



Yeah yeah yeah. I didn't strip them....sorry, pick on the next newbie. I've been roadracing for 8 years...and have removed and redone front ends before. This one was on a used bike I have had a while.

Figures. Guess somebody is telling me I should buy a new bike huh?

So is it a crf450 or wr450?


i had the same problem but i´m glad that my brother has a turning center and so he made the next smaller thread on the stem. I think it was a M22x1.5 and a new nut out of stainless steal. It works now great for over 1 year.

Maybe you know one with the such machines. You don´t need to press out the stem for this kind of machining.


How badly are the stem threads?? Are you sure the nut didnt leave its trailings on the stem?? Mabey try a thread file to clean it up and you need a new nut anyways,try to see if the new nut spins on cleanly.It's worth a try b4 you spend a hundred bucks!! :cry:

No prob...with my old RM465, eBay is usually my first stop to try to find parts!

OK...so my options currently are:

1. Attempt to rethread/helicoil the stem and get a new nut.

2. Buy a triple on ebay. (Anybody know if the 426's triple tree is the same size, offset, rake&trail. And are the forks the same size???

3. Buy a new bike. (WR450, YZ450, CRF450)

Guess I'll try the re-threading thing today since I'm off anyway. Who would have the tap for that? I'm thinking Sears??? Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?

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