wheel spacers.... YZ front wheel on WR

I purchased a used YZ front wheel for my 2000 WR 400 and now realize I need a different spacer for the odometer drive side. I have an extra right side spacer that I can cut to fit, but I don`t know the length of the YZ spacer. Or should I just buy the proper spacer??? It is $50 and I am too cheap to buy a new YZ spacer.

Well I know a WR wheel wont fit a YZ WITH YZ spacers......

So you have a YZ wheel I doubt it will fit your WR. If you bought a YZ axle and YZ spacers I think it will work. Buying just the YZ spacer wont work Im pretty sure.

The Hubs are completely different and so are the axles and spacers. Im almost positive it wont work without custom making spacers or buying a used YZ axle and YZ spacers. Look on Ebay and on here in the FS forum, Yz's are parted out daily it seems.

You don't need to buy anything special. I have a 00' WR 400, and a 03' YZ 450. I switch the wheels all the time. They fit perfectly, you just have to make sure you buy the wheel spacers for that year wheel. They are not $50. Yamaha of Troy has them listed for $8.82 for one side, and $7.64 for the other side.

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