Looking for a cam kit for my 01 YZF 426

Does anyone know where to get a good deal on a cam kit with the decompressor lobe for the 00-02 426? I have heard that you only have to change the one cam and it's not that bad to do. I also here that the mod helps with performance as well as much easier starting. I don't mind the cold start but on the trail my buddy with his 03 450 always gets a head start on me. Thanks for the help.


Hotcams sells one with the decompression built in or you can do a search in here for the "cam mod" where you install a YZ450F ex cam in place of the stocker. There are thousands of posts on the subject....


i bought this week a Hotcams cam with auto decompresser for my 426 01 from pro-flow.com. The cheapest Hotcams i found and you can order both or only the exhaust cam. The Hotcams will also be an improvement in the power of the bike, not only in starting it.


The pro-flow site is for cars.

Have you installed yet? If so was it very difficult to do?


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