Just received my 450 exhaust cam, any help?

I just received my YZ450 exhaust cam and I hope to get started this weekend. I have read the entire “450 cam mod thread” two times over the last month and this just sounds like the right thing to do to my 02 YZ426. If anyone can offer any words of wisdom to help me with the install, it would sure help me feel more confident about performing surgery on my bike.

Thank you.


Go to a good auto parts store and get a good feeler gauge made for checking valves. It will have a kink in it. Then, fiqure out which mark is TDC. Mine didn't look like the manual. Then get a good inch lb torque wrench.

indiandunes, lots of very good advice packed into that thread, Vetmxrider, make sure you follow it and you won`t have any problems

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