wheel spacers.... YZ front wheel on WR

I purchased a used YZ front wheel for my 2000 WR 400 and now realize I need a different spacer for the odometer drive side. I have an extra right side spacer that I can cut to fit, but I don`t know the length of the YZ spacer. Or should I just buy the proper spacer??? It is $50 and I am too cheap to buy a new YZ spacer.

I did the same thing with my '98 and the spacer was only $25. I know it's a lot, but it's worth it. Where are you getting quoted $50? Seems WAY too high.

That is from my local Yamaha dealer, the total price with tax is over $60.00 Canadian. I have an extra left side spacer that I can cut shorter to work if I some one can tell me the Length.

My odometer side spacer to replace the odometer drive is 1 5/16" in length. I don't think the left side spacer would work as well, as it is flanged on the outboard side. Have you tried partsfish.com or some online order place? I ordered my spacer from the local dealer and only paid the $25 USD.....

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