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Motard quads..?

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Anyone have any links, do they run SM quads in the states?

I know I have seen some vid & pics, think mostly Euro stuff?

Anyway, this was in the new popular science & it looked interesting.

Only does 0-30 in 6.5 seconds, and tops out @ 68mph. 62-81 mile range.

Could use some better power & range. I still like a decent concept project.

The next dualsport 4x4...? How about supermotard quad...?



Good pic gallery:



* Body Type: ATV-style convertible

* Layout: quad-electric motor, AWD

* Engine: 40 hp, 74 lb-ft torque total output electric motors

* Brakes: disc/disc, ABS, EBD

* Seating Capacity: 2

* Payload: 140 kg (309 lbs)

* Range: 100-130 km (62-81 miles)

* Curb Weight: 425 kg (937 lbs)

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