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Questions about the new yosh insert

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I have seen the new yosh insert mentioned a couple of times recently and have a hard believing there isn't the same significant low end power loss that the current insert creates. Just looking at some of the posted pictures it sure looks restrictive. 😢 Even more so than the current 96 db insert. Well I am hoping someone can answer or if burned knows anything about this. I use my 96 and 92 when i have to but I guess I was holding out hope that the claims are true that there isn't a loss of power. Particularily on the low end. With the current system the difference is very noticable to my seat o the pants dyno. I guess I could shell out the 20 bucks but would really like some informed and experienced opinion and actually real world comparison information before making the purchase. I love the power and the sound of the open yosh but changing it out to the 96 db insert when I am riding in a lot of areas all the time does get old even if it only takes a few minutes.

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