whats a good head pipe for a yz450 im also running a titanium ti-4 slip on with titanium mid pipe and wanted to know if any one know whats a good head pipe and if the know how the pro circuit headpipe works

Just watch alot of the headpipes do not come with heat shields, I always burn my pants and boots. I was going to get a white brothers full exhaust and found that they have no heat shield. I wish I could have the heat shield off of RC and CR bikes. If there is a shield for the white bros. please let me know!

You can get some super high temp fabric to wrap the head pipe if there is no shield. You can probably get it from summit racing. I use the stuff for wrapping turbo exhaust down pipes at my work. It looks good if done correctly.If you get cv boot clamps they are stainless steal and low profile.

i welded my stock heat shield to my fmf power bomb head pipe.

who does the ti welding?

I like the whole FMF system. Buy the PB header.

Same here the PowerBomb header :cry:

FMF makes a heat shield.

When I put the PB header on my 426, I bent a couple pieces of metal into a "U" shape and mounted them to the header with hose clamps. I drilled one side of the "U" and screwed the stock heat shield right into that. :cry: worked great.

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