1/4 turn throttle on xr650r

was wondering if anyone has put a 1/4 turn on their brp and if it was a success?

1/4 turn of what,idle screw :cry::cry::cry:

He's talking about a 1/4 throttle assembly. That would be scary on a BRP. I guess that would work on a motard but Daaaaaaaaaaaamn talk about a hair trigger! :cry:

Brain Fart on my part,Although I've never heard of 1/4 turn throttle and yeah that would be a bit :cry::cry: to ride ....


Do you mean an 1/8 turn? Honda Xr650R's have a 1/4 turn stock. You really should have known... :cry:

sure, 1/8th turn, anyone put a faster one on their brp?

:cry: Why would you do that unless you are racing motard? We the people would like to know :cry:

yeah, it's a motard :cry:

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