Trail riding @ Kennedy Meadows in So CAL

I have been looking for some good woods riding here in So Cal. I'm heading up to Kennedy Meadows Saturday. Anybody been there? Know of any other good woods rides in the area? Thanks.

Chris, I was up there 3 weeks ago, Kennedy Meadows is now a whooped-out dust bowl!!! Make sure that you are totally legal up there, I saw soooo many rangers up there that have nothing to do. The newest version of the Jackass trail is alot better now.

Thanks for the heads up on the dustbowl Dan. Some friends of mine asked me to go up there in two weeks, i keep delaying my committment to go because the last time i went up there 3 years ago i thougt it was a whhooped out dustbowl. If i want to ride that type of crap i can ride the trails in Big Bear or Arrowhead, only about 20 minutes from my house instead of driving over 3 hours to Kennedy Meadows.


Thanks for the input guys. I have changed my mind about going there since, like G. Lyles, I can get that stuff in my own back yard without the 3 hour drive.

Hey Chris, where are you located ? If you're street legal i can show you alot of great riding around my high desert location. I live in Apple Valley and have lots options for good rides. Dan, you should try to make it out this way as well.


Glenn...I am not street legal as I am riding a YZ250 at the moment (I am a future WR 426 owner for which the funding has not all come together yet). I am in Lancaster. Have you ridden in Miller Canyon or other areas with trees?


As far as i've seen, Miller canyon is just a small campground area near silverwood lake with a graded dirt road that is open to green sticker bikes to allow access to the single track trails of arrowhead and big bear areas a few miles to the east.There is basically not much riding there. There are quite a few miles of designated motorcycle trails in the big bear and arrowhead areas. A bit of these trail areas are linked by roads that require street legal vehicles and can foul up access to without a plate. These can be real fun trails with the right weather conditions. Summer and fall are pretty bad with dust and silt unless you get some good thunderstorms.


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