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WR450 SuperMoto Hmmm

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Well what a laugh :

1: You need to remove the Speedo gearing and install a washer to stop it grabbing the bearing, talon are aware of this issue, but it only happens of 30% of bikes so its not an issue, nor do they supply you with the washer you have to make or buy one, I mean I only spent £500.00 on them, suppose its a bit much to ask for a 20p washer with the kit T8sers....

2:Caliper bolts are to long so you need to add a couple of washer to stop them touching the disc buttons (320mm) T8ssers x 2...

3:Need to remove the inner pad to fit you existing WR caliper to the Disk...T8sser's x 3

4:need to remove the Rear disk guard to fit the rear wheel in, not a problem

5: Need to pull the brake line down, 1 inch to allow the brake line cover to be re-installed.

so after all that the supermoto Wr450 is born.....basically Talon could do with little customer service training, and maybe instructions on fitting would be nice......

so we now have:

120/60 MTR01

160/60 MTR02

Talon Hubs (silver), Polish'ed SS spokes, Morad Rims (black)

Moto Master 320mm Disk

Moto Master Mouting Bracket

Gearing is now, 15/14 47 (off Road) and 15 45 (SuperMoto) this enable the use of 1 chain, (Afam gold link x Ring (DID re-badged))

If anybody else has ever done this let me know what fun you have had...??!?!?!?

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