DRZ400E or XR600/650 ?

Is there anyone who can compare these two bikes? It seems they weigh about the same and have close to the same power but you get the elec. start with the DRZ. Have heard good things on both bikes. Looking for a good trail/playbike. Thanks.

They are not close to the same power. Nothing gonna make up for 250 more CCs. I have watched many DRZ riders and the bikes really look like they are a lot of fun. The thing about the DRZ is the price very competative but then so are XR650Rs if you look for one that has sat on the showroom floor or a warehouse for a couple of years. If I ever purchased a DRZ I would also spend the extra money to have a kickstarter put on it. I would never trust an E-start only bike. I own the XR650 and I purchased an e-start kit for it and it is really nice.

Not too many bikes touch the raw grunt of a XR650R.

Yes, I can. Last Thanksgiving weekend I got to ride my brother-in-law's friend's 2002 DRZ400. It's completely stock but has a White Bros. E-Series silencer. It had a miss off idle because he didn't rejet it, and it was probably running a bit lean too.

If was a fun bike. I liked it. I think it would be a fun trail/play bike. I liked it better than a XR400 in terms of power and suspension. The power was decent, but not as torquey as my XR650, but then again, what is. It revs quick, quicker than a XR400. The suspension was fairly plush and didn't bottom out too much. I did notice it felt a little lighter than my XR650. It was a little wobbly while riding down a sand wash in 4th and 5th gear, but that's probably nothing a Scotts steering stabilizer couldn't help. The seat was nice and soft. If he were to rejet it and add on a steering stabilizer, I'm sure it would be a great play bike.

But for serious/fast trail riding, desert racing, hill climbs, raw power, and proven reliability, the XR650 wins without a doubt.

Yeah, the DRZ400 and XR650R do not compare when it comes to power, just like the other guys have said. The 650R is all about power, lots of power. Always on tap at any time, from idle on up. No waiting for it to gather rpms before it goes. It is not a "soft" power either, like most older large 4-strokes. It's a snappy, very abrupt type of power which absolutely rips!

I also considered a DRZ400 back before I found my 650R used for much cheaper, so I bought it. It took a little getting used to, but now I wouldn't trade it for anything. Still, I don't think you can go wrong with a DRZ for a trail bike to have fun with. They do have some power, quite a bit more than the XR400, and the DRZ revs out really well. Good luck man whatever you decide.

A couple friends ride DRZ's and they are really nice. They (DRZ) probably have close to the top end HP of a 600R. You have to spin it to get there, but the DRZ revs fast and smoothly. Low rpm there's no comparison. Lugging up a hill the XR600 crushes the DRZ. DRZ is modern and civilized compared to brute old school xr6.

On the road the DRZ is nice and smooth compared to the xr6. I hear the 650R is much smoother, but have never ridden one.

If lugging is your thing, or extended cruising, you can't beat an XR650. I Used to ride a DRZ400E as my all arounder right up to the time I could have 2 bikes in the stable. Before the DRZ I was on an XR400 riding with mostly with buddies on XR's (2 4's and 2 6's) on everything from Baja to singletrack. I'll tell you that the DRZ was better stock than my 4hunny modified suspension and motorwise, carbureted without a hiccup, and ran easily with XR600's stock. I'll also tell you that all, every single one, of those buddies now ride DRZ's. Yes the XR's are grunt monsters and have low speed handling characteristics that are second to none, but in most other regards the DRZ was equal or better.

Now that I am lucky enough to have 2 in the garage I was able to get bikes that more closely matched the disciplines I ride in. For wide open trail, 300 mile non pavement days, and general trail riding the XR650 is the bomb. For singletrack, racing, enduros and fast fast riding my KTM 520sx autoclutched six speed conversion is the weapon of choice.

When I go looking for a next bike I take a good look at what exactly I'm going to be doing first, then after that try to find the bike that suits that need best. Good luck--

Cigir is said DRZe! There are the DRZs and DRZe If you get and "s" you will think it sucks because it does! The DRZs has a piece of junk for a carburetor, a thicker base gasket to lower the compression, steal tank, it is tank! The 'E' with all the extra's is a better bike then the XR600 (Not more power just better) but, nothing like the XR650R. The XR400 weighs less but, the DRZe has more bells and whisttles. Water cooled, E-start but, weighs more then the XR600! Oh, it's not a Honda! I like the KDX300R! Change the carburetor and exhaust and that is a smoking bike!

I've had a run on a drz400e and quite liked it. In some areas, it beats an XR6 and indeed an XR650. But an XR6 will outgrunt it from low to mid revs and an XR650R will outgrunt anything! Suspension-wise it was a shade better than an XR4 I thought, but it was hampered by a lack of ground clearance which also igged me on the XR650. Put it on the scales and it weighs the same as an XR6 but, it FEELS closer in weight to the XR4. A good mousetrap though.

I have owned DRZ-E and S, and XR400, got a XR600, and XR650 currently

Uncorked DRZ-S got a crisper delivery to a XR4, but quite a bit heavier. DRZ-E got much more go and would probably see off a XR600 at higher revs, lighter than the S, about the same weight as the 600? XR650 a little heavier but suspension better and tracks through ruts etc better.

Running a XR4 alongside the 650 the smaller bike feels quite noticeably lighter but very sluggish in comparison to the 650's huge power. The DRZ-E has got a really strong motor, but when I had the two together the 650 was always first choice cos I just love the (much more dramatic) reaction when you twist the throttle, and I'll sacrifice a little extra weight, though it goes anywhere off-road I care to take it.

I think the DRZ-E is a great all-rounder - heavier but much more solidly built than KTM, WRs etc. The XR400 a bit slow and softly-suspended compared to modern stuff though very nice if you are a more gentle rider. The XR600 sits in-between the 400 and 650 for weight and power - very easy to ride and manageable. The XR600 is in most respects the perfect all-rounder, particularly if like me you prefer grunty bikes to revvy 400's, ... BUT they seem a little sensitive to hot starting - at least with the 650 you know what it needs and a few kicks and you are off again, the 600 has a soggy kick-starter and a kind of random starting technique depending on its mood!

But if you want a bike for faster open trails / road, etc the 650 is without doubt the most entertaining grin-inducing machine I have ever ridden! For example - its geared for 100mph in top and you *can*, if you so desire, hoist the front up at 50-60mph in the same gear and really freak both yourself and your mates :cry:

You really need to ride these things as its very personal - some riders will swear by a little 250, others insist on KTM type lightness and ignore the extra maintenance involved. Others ride my 650 and marvel at its ease of handling and big power but still don't want one?


I have an DRZ400E that I race desert in the MRANN series. This is my primary bike for riding DRZ400

Last years graphics I also have an XR650 that I take to Baja and dual sport rides. XR650R Both are great bikes but both are different. Even thou the weight is close the DRZ feels a lot lighter with better handling and faster responce. The XR650R is a big beast like a tractor. I love the bike :cry: It's fast in the open desert and is a very dependable bike. I'll never sell it now that it's dual sported and I live in Calif.

I also had an XR600R that I did everything from single track to Baja. Great bike but old technology.

I bought the DRZ after a long Baja ride to Cabo. Someone else had a DRZ with the electric start and the bike started first time every time as I kicked away. The DRZ's have a large battery so I have never been left high and dry with the E start. I can't say enough about both bikes. Each has it's place and properly geared the bike will preform like a champ. On the DRZ I had to change the gearing to 14/50 or 13/47 and that gave the bike the extra power it needed. I can still hit 80MPH with that gearing and more than enough for desert racing. The XR I had to step up to 15/47 gearing so I could spread out all that low end torque and give me a good cruising speed for the open desert. It still single tracks well but is smooth as butter at speed. :cry:

A regular riding buddy has the DRZ and we have occasional swapped bikes.

The concensus from both riders was that the Suzuki doesn't feel a lot lighter, and is far less stable then the Honda. The Honda engine felt like a "dragster" compared to the DRZ according to the Suzuki rider! The button is nice on the Suzuki, and my fears of it having no kick starter so far seem unfounded. Of course, the Honda starts fine anyway.

If I already had the DRZ I wouldn't feel obliged to go to the Honda, and certainly vice versa. For a bigger guy the Honda is awesome.

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