Royal purple maxcyle

hey guys umm i was reading on that new Synthetic oil that came out from royal purple it's max cycle i was curious if any of u guys ever used it on your bikes and if it's pretty good oil to use on these types of bikes or not cause if it's pretty good i might consider using it on my YZ even thoe it probably gonna be little spending but i would like the best for my bike u know :cry::cry:

Not sure about the bike, but I run it in my Mini Cooper S and it makes a power difference I can feel and gets better gas milage. I was kinda waiting for someone else and using up the Amzoil before I put some in my bike.

If the oil is labeled "friction modified", "low friction", "energy saving", etc., it may cause problems with the clutch in your YZF. Remember that the trans shares the engine's oil supply.

In general, the oil you use in your bike should be a (?)w-40 with a grade of API SG or SH, or an API Commercial (C grades), or a JASO grade MA. ?w-50s are OK, but they are only required if you expect outdoor temps over 114 degrees, and both Yamaha and I prefer the lighter oil unless the 50 is called for. Commercial oils have higher shear resistance, which makes them more able to resist viscosity losses caused by the transmission working the oil to death.

In addition to the low friction oils, avoid JASO MB grades (too slick for your clutch), and API grades after SH, such as SJ or SL, since they no longer contain the very effective zinc phosphate and sulfur based wear reducers found in SG oils. If the label on an oil with a grading of SJ/SL also still has one or more of the grades MA, SG, or SH, it still meets those standards, so it's OK.

In the end, how well you maintain the oil is far more important than which one you use. I change every race day, or every third ride day, and always service the filter. I use a Scotts stainless steel filter so I have no excuse for not cleaning it with each oil change. :cry:

I agree with Grayracer. Use a good quality oil within the recomendations and use one you can afford to replace as often as you change your undies. Unlike the poms I replace mine every race day and every 200-300km of trail riding. Have a look at your oil after one good ride itsa shot duck... You wouldnt put it in your engine so why leave it in there. :cry::cry::cry: Oy oy oy

hey well thanx for your input on it so i assume u guys think that it wouldn't be worth getting the Max cycle oil but i dunno i just thought i ask to see if anyone has ran it in there YZ :cry:

If it meets those grading standards, it will do a good job for you. Check the label.

Just keep it clean. :cry:

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