Blew Out Exhaust Baffle, what now?

So the tube is the diameter of the open baffle on the stock exhaust???

The turndown tip deflects all the noise? Interesting. Thanks again.

You might check the quietproducts website. They have two products for the E-series.

OK, to revisit this, it’s now a question of economics and legality.

Under $70. QuietProducts and BajaDesigns are leading the way in my choice now. From what little you can tell by looking at photos, I would guess the BajaDesigns pipe may be a bit quieter?

I need to order soon, I want to start riding more and start worrying less about how loud my bike is!

I really like my QP insert. Throttle response is great and it looks like bling in the pipe. Price is great also. I've seen them in two Phoenix area shops, Z-moto and The Pit.

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