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Terry Cable levers with 5 year warranty

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Anyone have 1st hand experience with the Terry Cable levers? Looking through my magazine they offer a 5 year warranty against breaking and are $25. I'm no longer running handguards on my bike since I'm doing more motocross and I have already bent up my Moose lever. I keep my clamps somewhat loose to let the perch and lever rotate in a crash but it still doesn't work great. I think it would be smarter to buy a lever that has a 5 year guarantee against breakage for $25 then buying five $5 cheap levers when your only going to snap or bend them out on the track in a crash ending your ride possible. The foldable levers look cool but I don't believe in paying around $70 for that setup. 5 year warranty for $25 doesn't sound to bad to me.

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